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In the Book of Acts, the Christian historian Luke sets out to complete the work he began in his gospel account. Luke carefully and chronologically describes exactly what happened in the early Church after Jesus ascended to Heaven. Christ sends the Holy Spirit to indwell the Believers gathered on Pentecost in Jerusalem and then the Christian faith begins spreading rapidly around the world. A violent and hate-filled man named Saul who is persecuting the early Christians, encounters the risen and glorified Christ on the road to Damascus. Christ declares to him that he will become the foremost apostle to the Gentiles. Upon believing the message, Saul is converted to Christianity and later undertakes numerous missionary journeys around the Mediterranean region as the grace-filled and obedient Paul. In the fifteenth chapter of Acts, the original apostles meet with Paul and Barnabas, and all agree that the Gentiles do not need to follow the Law of Moses because they are saved through faith (as are the believing Jews).


CHAPTER 4 (Verses 12; 1820)